Prof. Jai Sukhatme

Centre for Atmosphere & Ocean Sciences,

Associate Professor in the
Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Indian Institute of Science.

Email: jai@caos.iisc.ac.in


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.


University of California, Davis.


University of Chicago.

Postdoctoral Fellow:

Advanced Study Program. National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Postdoctoral Fellow:

Mathematics Department. University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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  25. Miscellaneous :
  26. J. Sukhatme and R. T. Pierrehumbert
    "Statistical Equilibria of Uniformly Forced Advection Condensation"
    arXiv : nlin.PS/0512039, 2006. (This preprint reports preliminary work on the problem. Various points need further examination!)

  1. Suhas DL (PhD 3rd year)
  2. Sathish VH (MSc 2nd year)
  3. Nihar Paul (PhD 1st year)
  4. Sambrita Ghatak (PhD 1st year)
  5. Pradeep Khushwaha (PhD 1st year)
  6. Aditya Bakshi (MTech 1st year)
  1. Ajay Kumar (M.Tech. 2011) ---> MBA, IIM-Ahmedabad.
  2. Jayesh Phadtare (M.Tech. 2012) ---> PhD programme, CAOS, IISc.
  3. Bodhi Chattopadhayaya (MSc Engg, 2012) [co-advisor V. Venugopal] ---> Employed at Swiss Re.
  4. Karthik M (MSc Engg, 2012) [co-advisor V. Venugopal] ---> Employed at ATREE.
  5. Anirban Sinha (MSc Engg, 2014) ---> Graduate student, Columbia University.
  6. Suhas DL (M.Tech. 2014) ---> PhD programme, CAOS, IISc.
  7. Saibal De (Undergradute Summer Intern, 2014).
  8. Nihar Paul (M.Tech. 2015) ---> PhD programme, CAOS, IISc.
  9. Kaushik Reddy (M.Tech. 2015) [co-advisor Prof. D. Sengupta] ---> Project staff, IIT-Mumbai.
  10. Hemant Khatri (MSc Engg 2015) ---> Graduate student, Imperial College.
  11. Joy Monteiro (PhD 2016) ---> Postdoc, Stockholm University.
  12. Arijit Chanda (M.Tech. 2016) ---> Employed at CSTEP.
Courses in this academic year:
B.Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics:

(AS 212, August 2016),

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics [GFD]

(AS 202, January 2017, with Prof. D. Sengupta) --- ongoing!
In the past, I have taught GFD since 2010 (in the January semester).

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