Dr. S A Pandit

Senior Researcher

Divecha Centre for Climate Change
Indian Institute of Science,

Email: panditsa@iisc.ac.in

Tel: +91-80-2293-3425


Ph.D, Geology:Uranium Mineralization 1961, Bangalore University.

M.Sc., Geology,,1970, Bangalore University.

B.Sc., Physics & Geology,1968,Bangalore University.

Professional Training
  • BARC/ DAE Training Program in Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors – 1976
  • Time Management Training Program from Birla Institute, Mumbai / Pilani – 1978
  • Survey of India (SOI), Govt. of India Training on Signals in GPS Program – 1980
  • Project Management Training Program from Birla Institute, Mumbai / Pilani – 1982
  • Geophysical Instrumentation, Radar Systems in Deserts – Centre for Arid Zone Research, Jodhpur– 1984
  • Geochemistry and Radiochemistry of Uranium and its estimation using CIRUS reactor, BARC - 1986
  • Direct Trainer Skills - Thames’s valley University-United Kingdom, through department of Personnel and Training. Government of India-2001
National Awards/Recognition:
  • National Mineral Award 2001 – For the discovery of Uranium deposits in Gogi, Gulbarga district, Karnataka – Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India
  • S. Narayanaswami Award from Geological Society of India for contributions to Economic Geology, 1998
  • Adjudicated as Best Paper ‘Uranium Mineralization in Tummalapalli area, Cuddapah district, Andhra Pradesh’ from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Vienna, 2006
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Honours in the Standing Council

Scientific Board Member of the International Geoscience Program (IGCP) – International Union for Geological Sciences (IUGS) , Geneva for the block Year 2008 -2011.

Expert Committee Member of Nuclear Reactor & Fuel Cycle Committee (NRFCC) of Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), 2003 - 2013

Member of Council of Management for Atomic Minerals Division, Govt. of India, 2003 – 2008

Member of Apex Research Council, Atomic Minerals Division, Govt. of India, 2003 – 2008.

AMD representative for several Technical/management board meetings of GSI, NGRI and DAE units like UCIL, NFC etc.2003-2008

AMD representative in State Geological Programing Board (SGPB) of Karnataka, Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, etc. 2003-2008

Member of “Emergency Response cell’ for nuclear material transportation of Department Atomic Energy.

Membership of Professional Institutions & Bodies:

Life Fellow of Geological Society of India.

Life Fellow of Mineralogical Society of India.

Fellow of Indian Nuclear Society

Life Fellow of Indian Institute of Advanced Geochemistry

Fellow of Indian society for Analytical scientists.

Fellow of Association of Sedimentologists.


35+ years of work experience in the field of Uranium Geology and Exploration in various geological domains of India

Designation Grade Area of Work Period Nature of Work
Additional Director (R&D) SO-SH All India 2006-08/td> Augmentation of Nuclear Fuels and other Atomic Minerals for Indian Nuclear Energy Program
Regional Director, Southern Region SO-SG Karnataka, AP, TN, Goa, Kerala 2004-06 Planning and guiding mineral exploration projects in different Geological domains of the region
Regional Director, Eastern Region SO-SG West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andaman & Nicobar 2003-04 Planning and guiding mineral exploration projects in different Geological domains of the region
Deputy Regional Director, Eastern Region SO-SG West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andaman & Nicobar 2002-03 Assisting Regional Director in Planning and guiding mineral exploration projects in different Geological domains of the region
Project Manager, Uranium Exploration SO-SF Karnataka, AP, TN, Maharashtra 1992- 2000 Supervision of integrated exploration activities and responsible for completion within stipulated timeframe
Project coordinator SO-SE MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, AP, Goa 1986-92 Execution of various exploration techniques for different case studies
Resident Geologist SO-SD HP, UP, MP, Karnataka 1980-86 Implementation of Specific Project Activities including exploratory mining
Scientific Officer SO-SC Haryana, HP, Punjab, J&K, Delhi 1974-80 Carrying out basic exploration activities including reconnaissance ground radiometric survey and hydro geochemical sampling

Some of the important Geological domains in which work was carried out –

Sandstone Type: Siwaliks of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana.

Vein Type: Kulu Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh Himalayas, Jammu & Kashmir Himalayas, Central India Shear Zone of Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh.

QPC Type: Karnataka and Singhbhum Craton.

Unconformity (fracture bound) Type: Bhima and Kaladgi-Badami Basins, Karnataka.

Carbonate Hosted: Cuddapah Basin, Andhra Pradesh.

Experience in Teaching & Training:

Conducted IAEA Theoretical & Practical Training Program including field visits for Professional Geologists from China, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Vietnam - 1991

Theoretical & Practical Training in exploration for specific case studies conducted for Geologists and Geophysicists from Syria, Vietnam and Cuba. 1996 – 2000.

In-house training program for scientists and technical personnel of various disciplines like Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Geophysics. 1990 – 1994

Internal Guide for Ph.D. candidates from Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi and Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. 2003-2007

Training programs for trainers in Geology and various exploration techniques. 1992-1994

Work Experience as professional geologist outside India:

Planning and execution of Geological Exploration Programs for identifying mineral deposits related to Nuclear energy programs such as Uranium, Thorium, Columbium, Tantalum, Beryl, Titanium, Zirconium, Rare earth elements (REE) etc. In addition, exploration for other mineral deposits like Gold, Copper, Base Metals, Bismuth, Tin was also undertaken in the following countries –

Country Mineral Deposit Explored
Tanzania Uranium, Gold,
Uganda Bismuth, Gold, Columbium, Tantalum
Zambia Gold, Copper, Columbium, Tantalum,
Malawi Uranium, Rare Earth Elements, Zirconium
South Africa Gold, Uranium, REE, Diamond, Zirconium, Titanium
Namibia Gold, Uranium, REE, Diamond, Zirconium, Columbium, Tantalum
Rwanda Columbium, Tantalum, Tin

Also, as a consulting geologist advised Private companies like GMR, Adhunik Metaliks, Neepaaz, Buddha minning, Geomin, etc. in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Angola, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Burundi, Mozambique, South Sudan, Botswana for selecting first order target areas for mineral exploration

Attended several meetings as Indian representative of AMD/DAE in IAEA, Vienna, Austria.

Attended Organization for Economic & Cooperation Development (OECD) meetings Indian representative of AMD/DAE Paris, France.

Web Mail