Prosenjit Ghosh

Associate Professor

Centre for Earth Science
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, Karnataka 560012

Email: pghosh@iisc.ac.in

Tel: +91-80-2293-3403

Fax: +91- 80-2360 0865


BSc (Geology). 1991 ,Hansraj College, Delhi University.

M.Tech.(Geology) 1994,University of Roorkee (Uttar Pradesh)

Ph.D 2000 ,Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad

Postdoctoral Fellow 2001-2002 ,Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad

He was WMO-IAEA post doctoral fellow at Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena with Willi Brand and Caltech postdoctoral fellow with John Eiler. He worked as an Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan during 2006-2007. He joined as an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science in the year 2007 and became a core faculty at the Centre for Earth Sciences in the year 2008, soon after its creation. He is adjunct faculty in other departments which includes Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Divecha Centre for Climate Change.

Research Interests:

My research interest focuses on reconstruction of seasonality through time using empirical relationships between the proxy records and climate parameters, and application of stable isotope technique to understand environmental processes. Most notable contributions have been the establishment of clumped isotope thermometry, generating standards for mass spectrometric analysis of solids and gaseous CO2 in air mixture, application of isotope based GCM to study Indian Monsoon precipitation.

In addition, I am involved in monitoring environmental changes in coastal marine and adjoining agroecosystems. My recent works focus on investigating temporal and spatial variability of concentration and d13C of atmospheric CO2 over land and oceans, climate reconstruction during the late Holocene, development of high-resolution proxies for deriving rainfall at sub-annual timescales and using stable isotopes in rice grains as proxy for deducing past hydroclimate.

PhD Fellows
  1. Himanshu Bhagat
  2. Chirantan Pramanik
  3. Yogaraj Banerjee
  4. Benjamin Richard Fosu
  5. Shaakir Shabir Dar
  6. Pousali Pathak
  7. Siva Naga Venkat Nara
  8. Rachana Subba
  9. Sanchita Banerjee
  10. Thamizharasan.S
Post Doctoral Fellows
  1. Dr. Ritika Kaushal
  1. Dr. Prasanna K Naidu (Scientist at Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow)
  2. Dr. Rahul Peethambaran (Joined Utrecht University as Post Doctoral Fellow)
  3. Dr. Ravi Rangarajan (now Assistant Professor (Research),St. John's Medical College, Bangalore)
  4. Dr. Ritika Kaushal (now Post Doctoral Fellow at IISc Bangalore)
  5. Dr. Tania Guha (now Research Associate at IITM, Pune)
  1. Dr. Harini Santhanam (now Research Associate at Civil Engg. IISc, Bangalore)
  2. Dr. Josia Jacob
  3. Dr. Rakesh Singh (now at GSI)
  4. Dr. K Mohan (now Assistant Professor at VIT University )
  5. Dr. Sakthivel Kollimalai (now as Research Scientist at Anna University)
  6. Dr. Mousumi Chatterjee (now at University of Reading, UK)
  7. Dr. Seema Singh (as Assistant Professor at Panjab University, Chandigarh, India)
  8. Dr. Mikhail V. Vasiliev
  9. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
  10. Dr. Abhishek Saha (now Research Scientist at NIO, Goa)
  11. Dr. Babita Rani Choudhary
  12. Dr. Tripti Muguli (now at Indo-French Cell, IISc)
  13. Dr. Trina Bose (now scientist at BSIP, Lucknow)
  1. Mr. Surajit Mondal (CAOS)
  2. Mr. Kathiravan Meeran
  3. Ms. Ruby Saha
  4. Mr. Bitopan Gogoi
  1. Ms. Nayela Zeba
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