Dr.H. Paramesh

Visiting Professor

Divecha Centre for Climate Change,

Email: drhparamesh@gmail.com

Phone: +91 80 2293 3269


Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, USA


Fellow of the Academy of Independent Medical Practitioners


Fellow of the IMA Academy of Medical Specialties


Fellow of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics


Paul Harris Fellow


Fellow of the Indian Academy of Allergy


Fellow Indian College of allergy, asthma, Immunology


Fellow of Pediatric Association of India

Positions Held

Lecturer, Physiology, Davangere Medical College

Full-time Staff Member and Honorary Lecturer in Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, USA

Pediatric Consultant to Plymouth General and Brent Hospital

Pediatric Chest Consultant and Advisor to Wayne County TB and Respiratory Diseases Control Program, Detroit, Michigan

Director and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan

Pool Officer, Pediatric Consultant to the Corporation, Bangalore

Technical Advisor, KSFC (for Nursing Homes and Hospitals)

Visiting Professor, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA

Visiting Professor, Kanti Children’s Hospital, Nepal

Visiting Professor, Mc Master University Environmental Health Division – Canada

Medical Director, Pediatrician-in-Chief, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Lakeside Medical Center & Hospital, Bangalore

  • Lakeside Education Trust
  • Lakeside Institute of PG Studies
  • Lakeside Institute of Nursing
  • Lakeside Institute of Medical Technology
  • H.P. Foundation
  • Technical Advisory Committee – Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
  • Managing Director:Lakeside Medical Center Pvt. Ltd.


Chief Consultant of World Bank Project on Environment and Health in Karnataka 2002-2003

W.H.O Faculty on Environment and Child Health Project in India 2002-2003.

Faculty – United Nation’s Developmental Programme on Economic reforms and health 2003

Research expert and resource person for Center for Science and Environment (CSE)

Permanent Member: Environment monitoring committee, Metro Rail, Bangalore

Senior President PHANA (Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association)

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, UCB Academy of Allergy.

Executive Board Member INCHES (International Children Health, Environment and Safety)

W.H.O and International Pediatric association Facultys’ Chairman on training of the trainees on Environment and Children Health

President Private Hospitals and Nursing Home Association Bangalore.

Member Sustainable Development empowered Committee constituted by honorable High Court of Karnataka

Member Sistercity Expert Core Committee of Sanfransisco and Bangalore on Health

Member Biodiversity Committee of BBMP.

Member Advisory Committee preventing management of Bio terrorism under Director General of Police, Govt of Karnataka.

Founder chairman of Allergy and Applied Immunology chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

Chairman and National Convener of IAP for Allergic Rhinitis and Co Morbidities training module (ARCTM)

Advisor and Moderator for IAP Asthma Training Module. (ATM)

International Expert in International consensus on Childhood Asthma

National faculty and Coordinator for Sleep Study training module of IAP



  • Chairman Lakeside Center for Health Promotion. A Unit of Lakeside Health Care Venture LLP
  • Chairman lakeside Education Trust
  • Principle coordinator Italy and India Air pollution study
  • Executive International Board of Director COMHAD Association London
  • Member Alliance for Global Health GENEVA WHO
  • Chairman Pediatric Nebulization Study module by Indian Chest Society
  • Expert panelist Outsmart cough training module by Abbot
  • Expert Reviewer for American Thoracic Society Journal
  • Editorial Board Member Science forum of Indian Institute of Science Bangaluru
  • Chairman Organizing Committee for the 52nd National convention 2019 Indian College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology – 2019 Bengaluru
  • 1984:Best IMA Branch for Scientific activity during my President ship
  • 1994:Best Super-specialty Chapter of IAP in 1994 during my Chairmanship - 1993-95
  • 1994:Recipient of Dr. B.C. Roy Award (Karnataka State)
  • 1997:Prominent Citizen with distinguished services of Bangalore City – Honoured by Police Commissioner
  • 1998:Who’s who of Intellectuals - International Biographical Center, Cambridge – England - in recognition of distinguished services.
  • 1999:Honoured by Mysore Medical College Old Students Association for service rendered in social cause and education.
  • 1999:I.A.P Bangalore, Felicitation for contribution in Pulmonology in the millennium
  • 1999:Paul Haris Fellow (Rotary)
  • 1999:Selected for the 2000 millenium Medal of Honour for Professional and Humanitarian accomplishments offered to society, by American Biographical Institute Inc. U.S.A.
  • 2001:KARNATAKA STATE PARISARA PRASHASTHI - 2000, awarded on 8th June 2001 by the Chief Minister of Karnataka S. M. Krishan in the category of "Environmental Health".
  • 2003:I.A.P. BPS, Bangalore, Felicitation for “Outstanding contribution in pediatric education”.
  • 2006:Prominent Senior Citizen with outstanding work in Environment and Health by Jain Association.
  • 2007:Lifetime Achievement Award, International Asthma Services, Colorado, USA.
  • 2008: Shanthilal Seth Annual Oration Award of Indian Academy of Pediatrics 2008.
  • 2008:Felicitation by Devaraj Urs Deemed University for his contribution in Medical Education Kolar
  • 2008: Felicitation by Indian Academy of Pediatrics Karnataka State by the President for the Contribution to child care in the State and continued Education 27th July 2008, Bangalore.
  • 2009:Felicitation by IAP Karnataka State for significant contribution the growth of medical education during State Convention in Mangalore Oct 31st 2009
  • 2009: Prof. S.G. Desai Oration on October 31st 2010 at Mangalore
  • 2010:Felicitation by the Governor of Karnataka at Century Club as out standing member in his profession of Pediatric during Annual Club Day on January 31st 2010.
  • 2011: The founder of Bangalore, Kempegowda Award for Health and education
  • 2011 : Dr. Shivapuri memorial oration award of Indian College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
  • 2013 : ATIVISHISTHA PARYAVARAN MITRA AWARD of Academy of Respiratory Medicine under the auspices of Environmental Association of India in MUDH ISLAND. MUMBAI, May 2013.
  • 2018: I.A.P. Bangalore BPS: In recognition of his services to the cause of the child in the fields of Asthma and Allergy and Advocacy Regarding Environmental issues. June 2013.
  • 2018: PHANA (Private Hospital and Nursing Homes Association) in the recognition of his Commitment and Contribution to the medical profession. Sep 2013.
  • 2018: IAP National award for Outstanding Contribution in Social and Environmental Pediatrics January 2018 Nagpur
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