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"Award of Devendra Lal Memorial Medal"

"Visit of the President of India on 24th October 2017 "

"Climate Change Quiz Programs" :-2010-2017

"Jeremy Grantham Lectures" :-1st grantham, 2009 to 13th grantham, 2018.

Training Program on Glacier studies and Remote Sensing-June 19-30, 2017.

"Insights into Gangotri glacier dynamics using its surface velocity"

"Vulnerability of Water Resources to Climate Change"

"A GLACIER MELT ALERT" Published in BangaloreMirror ,November 17,2016

Article Published in Prajavani on "Global Warming and Greenery":- 28 November 2015.

Holiday list 2018

What is new in the latest IPCC report??-  Climate Science Discussion 2013 - 18 October 2014

Challenges in Quest for clean energies: Background

Glacial mass balance changes in the Karakoram and Himalaya based on CMIP5 multi-model climate projections

Our Recent Research on

"Supraglacial Debris Cover Mapping In Baspa Basin, Western Himalaya"

"What caused the extreme Rainfall over Chennai on 1st December 2015"

"Rapid Depletion of small Glaciers in Himachal Pradesh "

"Increase in Extreme Rainfall Events Decrese the Seasonal Mean Monsoon Rainfall"

"Concurrent Heat Waves and Droughts"

"Vulnerability of the Forests of Meghalaya to Climate Change"

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Rapid Depletion of small Glaciers in Himachal Pradesh

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Increase in Extreme Rainfall Events Decrese the Seasonal Mean Monsoon Rainfall

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Concurrent Heat Waves and Droughts

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