Ph.D. students    

  • Rajat Masiwal (CAOS)
    Research area: Nonlinear dynamics of monsoons

  • Harpreet Kaur (CAOS); co-advisor; advised by G. Bala
    Research area: Sensitivity of climate feedbacks to latitudinal distribution of radiative forcing

  • Sumit Kumar (CAOS); co-advised by G. Bala
    Research area: Understanding efficacy of climate forcers relative to CO2

  • Ritesh Jha (CAOS); co-advisor; advised by R. Nanjundiah
    Research area: Sources of intraseasonal monsoon predictability

  • Mahendra Singh (CAOS); co-advisor; advised by G. Bala
    Research area: Monsoon low-pressure systems under various climates

  • Shrutee Jalan (DCCC); co-advisor; advised by J. Sukhatme
    Research area: Monsoon dynamics

Masters students    

  • Sandeep Sahu (M.Tech. in CAOS)

  • Akanksha Bharathi (M.Tech. in CAOS); co-advised by A. Chakraborty

Group alumni    

  • Anasuya Gangopadhyay (Ph.D., DCCC); co-advised by P. Balachandra
    Thesis title: "Model-based evaluation of multiple solutions to grid integration challenges of large-scale renewable power"

  • Dilip Naidu (Ph.D., DCCC); co-advisor; advised by S. Bagchi
    Thesis title: "Ecology of the terrestrial carbon cycle: Influence of climate and animals"

  • Kaustubh Desai (M.Tech., CAOS)
    Thesis title: "Meteorology of wind energy resources in India"

  • Gaurav Talekar (M.Tech., CAOS)
    Thesis title: "Explaining the systematic diurnal patterns of horizontal kinetic energy for wind power applications"