• BS and MS, Purdue University
  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
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Our group is actively working in two areas: nonlinear climate dynamics & science and economics of decarbonization.

Active Research Themes
  • Nonlinear climate dynamics:   An important research theme in our group is understanding monsoons from a dynamical systems perspective, using tools from climate science and climate modeling, nonlinear dynamics, model-reduction, and time-series analysis. Additionally, we are collaborating on a few problems outside of monsoons, e.g. climate oscillations on Venus, nonlinear dynamics of climate prediction.

  • Science & economics of decarbonization:  In the context of global warming, we are studying phenomena that are relevant to decarbonization (e.g. foundations of cumulative emissions accounting for carbon-dioxide). We have integrated simple climate modeling and economics to study mitigation, and are collaborating on economics of climate change. We are also part of a project on forecasting and integration of variable wind energy.

  • There are a few ongoing studies in spatial statistics, stemming from previous work on estimation of uncertainty in a spatial average in the presence of missing observations.