• BS and MS, Purdue University
  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
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Our group brings tools from nonlinear dynamics, statistics, and decision-sciences to study problems in monsoon dynamics, climate dynamics, and climate change policy.

Research Themes
  • Nonlinear climate dynamics:   An important research theme in our group is understanding monsoons from a dynamical systems perspective, using techniques in nonlinear dynamics, model-reduction, and time-series analysis.

  • Statistical methods in climate:  We work on development and application of statistical methods, with ongoing work in spatial statistics, renewable energy integration, and learning directed graphs from data to understand climate teleconnections.

  • Climate change economics and policy:  Related to global warming, we have studied origins of path independence between cumulative CO2 emissions and global warming and comparing mitigation of different climate forcers having different atmospheric lifetimes. We have integrated simple climate modeling and economics to study mitigation, and are collaborating on economics of climate change.